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Welcome to the International Social Work Field Instruction web site! This site was first created in January 1998 and invites your participation in the creation of a program titled: International Social Work Field Instruction. We are presently soliciting ideas and collecting information from social work professionals and students who are interested in the development of practicum sites outside the USA. To help us launch this program, please Register your interest at the bottom of this Web page. We will be in touch with you shortly.

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Our Mission

The mission of the International Social Work Field Instruction project is to create international social work practicum opportunities for baccalaureate and graduate students, who are enrolled in accredited social work degree programs in the United States. The Council on Social Work Education, Inc. (CSWE) is used as an institutional base from which to launch the project.

If successful, this project will eventually: 1) offer listings of available international practicum sites; 2) assist in the development of new future sites; 3) help coordinate the process for students and professionals in accessing the international sites; and 4) facilitate the creation of opportunities for faculty post-graduate research in an international setting.

Results will be measured by the degree to which educational opportunities for social work students and faculty and practitioners are expanded and an international dimension to the social work curriculum has been added. This project also may inspire continuing educational opportunities for practicing, professional social workers at some time in the future.

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Organizational Profile

It is felt that the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is uniquely qualified to undertake this work because it is the sole accrediting body for social work programs in the United States. Constituent member universities and colleges number more than 195 in all 50 states at the master's level and 470 in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico at the baccalaureate level. Therefore, CSWE represents a single, legitimate geopolitical entity within the global community that conforms to one social work curriculum design and supports state licensing. Offices for the CSWE are located in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. Impetus behind this web page stems in part from the Commission on Educational Policy and the International Commission of the Council on Social Work Education, two of the thirteen commissions that comprised the CSWE at the time that this web site was constructed. It is expected that research and development of this project will be funded through grant monies, coordinated by Dr. Richard Earle (see "Contact Information" provided below). CSWE Logo.gif (3870 bytes)

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Accredited Programs

During the spring of 1998 telephone inquiries were made to more than 300 accredited programs, both at the master's and baccalaureate level, in all 50 states. The purpose of the telephone inquiry was to learn about current activity and interest in international social work field instruction among accredited programs. Anyone using this website is invited to add to, correct or modify the information listed. Just send an e-mail note to  It is assumed that the offerings and interests of any accredited program will change over time. Therefore the information provided cannot be guaranteed to remain accurate, consistent or complete from semester to semester and from year to year. Please keep this in mind as you view the information about Accredited Programs.

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