Program information was gathered beginning Spring Semester of 1998.
Accredited Program identification number
Name of the university/college social work program
Does the Program offer international field instruction?
Faculty Interest
Are there any individual social work faculty members at the Accredited Program who maintain a professional interest in another country or culture?
Countries, Regions, Cities
Which countries/cultures?
5University of Alabama No formal program but arrange student-by-student Yes Ghana; Hong Kong; South Africa; Uganda
9San Diego State University Yes. Places students in Mexico Yes. Mexico
38California State University, Chico Yes. Yes. Norway; Eastern Europe.
41Saint Joseph College No formal program. Arrange student-by-student. Yes. Netherlands
93University of Connecticut Yes Yes Caribbean Sea; Ireland
District of Columbia
98Catholic University of America Yes Yes El Salvador, Ethiopia, Philippines,Tanzania
District of Columbia
10Howard University Yes, on a student-by-student basis. Yes. Caribbean Sea; Rwanda; South Africa; Eastern Europe.
11Florida State University YesYes. England, Spain, Germany, Ireland, South Africa, Trinidad, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, & the Grenadines.
12University of Georgia Yes. Yes. Mexico
42Brigham Young University, Hawaii Campus No formal program. Arrange student-by-student. Yes. New Zealand; French Polynesia; United Kingdom.
13University of Hawaii at Manoa Yes. Arranged student-by-student. Yes. Interested student must select their country.
15Loyola University of Chicago No pre-arranged program; work student-by-student Yes. South Korea (Seoul); any country, by student request.
14George Williams College of Aurora University Yes. Arranged student-by-student. Yes. Germany
43Olivet Nazarene University Yes. Yes. Germany; Romania.
44Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Yes, can be arranged but no ongoing offering. Yes. Australia; Mexico; Russia
46Ball State University Yes, student-by-student Yes Caribbean Sea (Jamaica); Uganda
47Taylor University Yes. Yes. Australia; Carabbean Sea area; Costa Rica.
16Indiana University Yes. Yes. Argentina; Germany; Poland; United Kingdom.
45Anderson University Yes, student-by-student Not in Social Work. Yes in Sociology. Ireland; Mexico
48University of Southern Indiana Yes. Yes. France; United Kingdom
49University of Iowa No regular offering. Can be arranged student-by-sYes. Honduras; Mexico; Russia (Perm)
50University of Northern Iowa Yes Yes (link with Spanish Language students) Mexico; United Kingdom
55Washburn University No formal program. Arranged student-by-student. Yes. Sweden; United Kingdom
51Bethel College Yes. Yes. Mexico
54University of Kansas No formal program. Can arrange student-by-studentYes. Ghana; India; South Korea
53Southwestern College No regular offering. Student-by-student only.Yes.
52Kansas State University No regular offering. Student-by-student can be doNo. United Kingdom
56Murray State University No formal program. Will arrange student-by-studenYes. South Korea
17University of Louisville Yes. Yes. South Africa.
57University of Southern Maine No formal program. Can arrange student-by-studentYes. United Kingdom (Scotland)
18University of Maine Yes. [Especially, Canada.] Yes. Australia; Canada (New Brunswick);
58University of Maryland--Baltimore County No formal program. Will arrange student-by-studenYes. Germany; Ireland; Netherlands
62Our Lady of the Elms College Yes. Yes. Ireland (N. Ire); Poland
19Boston University No formal program, yet. Arrange student-by-studenYes. Denmark; United Kingdom (England).
59Atlantic Union College Yes. Yes. Canada; Caribbean Sea (Bermuda)
60Eastern Nazarene College Yes. Yes. Romania
61Gordon College Yes. Yes. Hong Kong; Ethiopia; Norway
63Calvin College Yes. Yes. Honduras (Tegucigalpa)
20Eastern Michigan University Yes. Yes. Mexico; United Kingdom (England)
21Grand Valley State University Yes--especially in future years. Yes. El Salvaldor; United Kingdom (England); South Africa; China; India.
22Wayne State University Yes. Only Canada, as regular offering. Yes. Canada; Ghana; Israel; Russia; Europe; Africa.
95St. Olaf College Arranged student by student Yes Norway
97Bethel University Yes Yes India, Spain, Guatemala
92Augsburg College Yes Yes Mexico
64St John's University and College of St Benedict Yes Yes Caribbean Sea, Bahamas
99Winona State University Yes Yes Bangladesh
65University of St Thomas and College of St CatherinArranged student-by-student Yes Bahamas; Mexico; New Zealand; United Kingdom
66Moorhead State University Arranged student-by-student Yes Bangladesh
67University of Southern Mississippi Arranged student-by-student Yes Caribbean Sea, Jamaica
40Washington University Yes. Yes. India
23Saint Louis University Yes. Yes. India; Mexico; Spain (Madrid); United Kingdom (Bristol).
70University of Montana Arranged student-by-student Yes Thailand (Bangkok)
69Dana College Arranged student-by-student Yes Denmark; Germany; Latin America
New Hampshire
71University of New Hampshire Arranged student-by-student Yes United Kingdom
New Jersey
91Monmouth University Yes Yes
New York
90State Univ of New York, College at Brockport Yes Yes Vietnam
96Hunter College of the City University of New York Yes Yes Indonesia
72Roberts Wesleyan College Arranged student-by-student Yes
24Syracuse University Yes. Yes. Ireland; Netherlands; South Africa (Johannesburg); United Kingdom (London); Zimbabwe.
25Yeshiva University Yes. Yes. Canada (Calgary, Toronto, Montreal); Israel.
North Carolina
73Warren Wilson College Arranged student-by-student Yes
26East Carolina University Yes, student-by-student. Yes. United Kingdom (Bristol).
27University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Yes, student-by-student. Yes. Romania; Hungary.
North Dakota
74Minot State University Yes Yes Canada
28University of North Dakota Yes. Yes. Canada (Winnipeg).
29Case Western Reserve University Yes, student-by-student. Yes. Romania, Netherlands, England
39The Ohio State University Yes. Yes. India; Egypt (Cairo).
75Capital University Yes Yes Caribbean Sea (Jamaica); Mexico
30University of Oklahoma Yes, student-by-student. Yes. Belize; Russia.
31University of Pittsburg Yes, student-by-student. Yes. Nicaragua; Ireland.
89University of Pennsylvania Yes Yes Germany; Israel
Rhode Island
76Salve Regina University Yes Yes Belize
77Austin Peay State University Yes Yes Mexico; United Kingdom
94Middle Tennessee State University Yes Yes Costa Rica
80University of Texas---Pan American Arrange student-by-student Yes Germany
32Our Lady of the Lake University Yes, student-by-student. Yes. United Kingdom
78Hardin-Simmons University Arranged student-by-student Yes United Kingdom
79University of Texas at El Paso Arrange student-by-student Yes Mexico
33University of Texas at Austin Yes, student-by-student. Yes. Phillippines; Switzerland; United kingdom.
35University of Utah Arrange student-by studentYes. Countries specified by student interest.
34Brigham Young University Yes. Yes. Australia; Hong Kong; Finland; Isreal; Japan; New Zealand; Norway; Romania; Russia; South Africa; Sweden; Switzerland; Zimbabwe.
81University of Vermont` Arrange student-by-student Yes Canada; Finland (Lappland)
83Radford University Arrange student-by-student Yes England
82Eastern Mennonite College Arrange student-by-student Yes Guatemala
85Walla Walla College Arrange student-by-student Yes Argentina; Nicaragua; Romania
36University of Washington Arranged student-by-studentYes. China; United Kingdom
84Pacific Luthern University Arranged student-by-student Yes Caribbean Sea (Jamaica); Ecuador; United Kingdom
87University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire Arrange student-by-student Yes South Africa
86Marian College Arrange student-by-student Yes
88University of Wisconsin--Whitewater Arrange student-by-student Yes Sweden; United Kingdom
37University of Wisconsin--Madison No ongoing program. Arranged student-by-student. Yes. Japan; United Kingdom.